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Hailey Martinez

Hailey Martinez is the Director of Sales and Operations at RinseKit.

She has been with RinseKit for almost five years and before that was heavily involved in operations in the nonprofit sector. She has spearheaded RinseKit’s transition into e-commerce and big-box retailers, increased gross revenue by more than 50% year over year, and increased profitability by over 2500% in the last two fiscal years.

Hailey thoroughly enjoys discussing business strategy, team building and financial planning.

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Larissa followed her fascination with business and people and sought a new path that led her to create a way to combine the business foundation of her MBA, the experience of over 20 years in business, theory & research of IO Psychology Ph.D., the practice of coaching, and consulting with dozens of organizations and hundreds of people.

Today she supports growing small and mid-sized companies to create clear people strategies to revolutionize how they do business. Companies she works with create efficiency, increase clarity, cut expenses, increase revenue, and operationalize values to become purposeful in representing their brand to clients and customers.

Find out more at

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Laura Fravel

After almost 20 years in the TV and media industry – from adventures at National Geographic to the NYT, from Amazon to HBO; after interviewing over 100 people; and producing endless media pieces for both Emmy-award winning TV shows to multi-million dollar brand campaigns, Laura Fravel knows how to tell a good story.

Today, she takes a more personal approach, empowering women entrepreneurs and executives to know their story, own it, and share it with the world. Because, time and time again, she has seen the power of ONE person’s story. She uses that storytelling magic to help entrepreneurs and executives step out from behind their business and to become the face of their brand… to be seen, profitable and impactful.

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Jennifer Locke

Jennifer Locke is a ghostwriter and author coach who helps entrepreneurs and thought leaders uplevel their brands with a book. Jennifer has been writing fiction since 2011, and she brings this fiction writer’s approach to her work with her clients.

Jennifer has ghostwritten business books that have been published by both business presses and Big Five publishers–whether writing fiction or nonfiction, Jennifer lives for stories. Bringing stories to life, whether her own or her clients, is Jennifer’s favorite work.

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Jody Milward

Jody Milward likes to call herself an “accidental entrepreneur.” Like many women, she didn’t want to return to a 9-5 office gig after having kids. So she started her first business as a Private Investigator (obvious choice, right?). But, after nine years, seven figures in revenue and much government red tape, it was time to move on, and she stumbled into the Social Media and paid traffic world.

From her first client in 2014 making $12 per hour to generating over seven figures in revenue six years later, she’s lived and breathed digital marketing as a freelancer, sub-contractor, in-house, agency owner, consultant, speaker, educator and mentor.

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Ean Price Murphy

Ean Price Murphy is a successful business owner, business coach and Certified Profit First Professional.  She gives small business owners the insights they crave for all their money stuff! 

We talk about moving from “it really was just all me” to a business owner who stepped into a leadership role and is ready to help radically kind people get comfortable with money.

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Ashley Grigas

Ashley Grigas is a financial strategist who is passionate about empowering families in their relationship with money through education, support and mentorship. She takes great pride in educating her clients in the art of how money works to gain financial literacy, confront money fears and move forward in life with a plan that works for them.

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Brienne Hennessy

Brienne Hennessy is a Vocal Empowerment Coach, Corporate Trainer and Published Writer. As certified and licensed Speech-Voice Pathologist with 13 years of clinical experience and 40+ public speaking appearances, she empowers executives, entrepreneurs and speakers to communicate with more purpose, speak frequently without fatigue and listen to their inner voice. Prior to becoming the owner of Your Vocal Vitality, LLC she received awards and held leadership positions within the speech pathology field including, Outstanding Leadership award from the NSDA,  Appreciation award from ASHA and served as Chapter President of University of Iowa’s student speech pathology association.

Her mission is to elevate women’s self-worth via the aligned power of their voice!

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Leanne Calderwood

Oh Canada! How are we just meeting the lovely Leanne Calderwood.

After over 20 years in the meetings and events industry, Leanne has used the 2020 hiatus to help other sales professionals find their voice and create a brand that attracts business and opportunities.

In a recent Pass It On! conversation, Leanne and I had the opportunity to discuss the unique opportunity that we have to explore new business ventures, show up for our communities, and create a truly personal brand.

Don’t miss the moment at the end of the video where she talks about allowing failure to be visceral!

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Toya Evans

In this edition of Pass It On!, I sit down with Toya Evans, a successful multiple franchise business owner. Her journey to overcome financing delays and move past naysayers is the dose the motivation you need for today!

Toya shares how she opened up 3 new franchises in 2020! And, we talk about her desire to create a legacy by instilling entrepreneurship in her children and grandchildren.

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Hala Chibani

The world is full of beautiful souls and I had the chance to speak with one recently.

Hala Chibani is the founder of Next Level Entrepreneurs.

Hala is a business coach helping high-achieving minority women in business, pivot from leaders to entrepreneurs to make a bigger impact and find happiness, fulfillment, and balance in their life again.

Hala speaks from her experience as a first generation immigrant who has lived in multiple countries and has been a successful leader in fortune 100 companies…and, that’s just the beginning.

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Alex Sulyevich

Pass It On! A short interview with Alex Sulyevich, Founder of Tutoria

Alex is the Founder of Tutoria, an all-volunteer team inspired by the impact of free tutoring in our local communities.

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Kaitlyn Carlson

Kaitlyn Carlson is the Founder & CEO of Theory Planning Partners, a concierge financial advisory firm tailored to elevating the missions and passions of 7-figure female entrepreneurs.


She’s learned from her own experience as a woman in business that transcending limiting beliefs, building confidence, and intentionally stepping out of one’s comfort zone are essential to the success of any company, and she’s made it her mission to help untangle the complicated web of building personal wealth alongside the growth of a thriving company.

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Kim Shernoff

Kim Shernoff is a Certified Mindset Coach with almost two decades as a Director of Sales in the Human Capital Management space – studying skills and behaviors that correlate to success.

As a Director of Sales, she consulted with major organizations like Aerotek, HSN, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Victoria’s Secret. Now, she works with small business owners, solopreneurs, and coaches who are experts in their field but uncomfortable in their sales process.

She has created a course called Unlock Your Sales Mindset to help clients gain confidence in their sales process by asking better questions to stop wasting time with unqualified buyers, shorten time to close, and no longer worry about sounding cheesy on sales calls.

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Angela E. Matthews

Angela E. Matthews is a DIY investment coach and strategist. As the founder of the Happy Investor Method her goal is to make investing accessible and fun for all. As an experienced investor and investment trainer, she has conducted workshops, seminars, and one-on-one coaching with thousands of individuals and businesses from all walks of life.

When she first started investing in the stock market, she was making $40,000 a year and had six figures in debt. As a self- taught experienced investor of over 10 years, one of her notable achievements is not only generating multiple six figures passively in the stock market, but helping others to do the same. This is why she founded her company the Happy Investor Method in 2016. 

As a first-generation investor, she has learned to invest successfully, and her investments have allowed her to travel all over the world (45 countries and counting), take care of her parents, pay for her wedding, and purchase her first home. All while planting the seeds for her trust fund babies.

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Nedra Rezinas

Nedra Rezinas is a marketing strategist and coach with over 20 years of direct experience in marketing and online business. She helps service-based entrepreneurs learn to delegate and outsource so that they can scale their business and do more work in their “zone of genius.”

Nedra’s expertise includes building custom marketing strategies that make marketing easier, more effective and more outsource-friendly. She also helps coach and train business owners on how to find and hire freelancers they can trust to do their work professionally.

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Laura Berman-Fortgang

Laura Berman-Fortgang’s professional life is anchored by her international reputation as a pioneer and 25-year veteran in the personal coaching field. Only one expression of her years supporting people to find meaning, purpose and satisfaction in their lives, Laura is also a best-selling author, sought-after speaker, TV personality (Oprah and All National Morning Shows), corporate spokesperson, interfaith minister and comedic performer. Her TedX talk currently boasts over 1.5 million views.

Laura’s five books are now published in 13 languages. She has addressed public and corporate audiences in many parts of the world on topics such as Reinvention, Career Satisfaction and Change as well as bringing coaching to diverse clients ranging from homemakers, celebrities and Fortune 500 companies to NASA and the Army Corps of Engineers.

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Shannon Palermo

In this episode of Pass It On!, Shannon shares how she found entrepreneurship when she least expected it and turned it into a thriving business.

Shannon Palermo is the CEO of Modern Balance, a bookkeeping agency for creative professionals. Shannon and her team go beyond basic bookkeeping to provide financial clarity and streamlined processes to ensure their clients are maximizing profits and have the power to grow their business.

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Nicole Oden

is an attorney licensed in the State of California for almost 10 years with her own virtual law firm – Nicole Cheri Oden Law, PC.

Nicole also works as a legal consultant, helping online freelancers and service providers protect their online businesses and brands legally with custom contracts and policies (or legal templates that they can customize for their unique businesses) and trademarks.

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Jennifer Kleiber

“When you take risks, they’re not all going to work”

In this episode of Pass It On!, Jennifer Kleiber talks about how to learn by doing and shares a great way to scale your business.

Jenn is the Founder of Pressing Onward where she helps teachers move their marginalized students to success through culturally responsive teaching. Watch this video to hear Jenn talk about how she has taken her vision in new directions and we discuss how it takes courage to get specific in your business.

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Dan Sibears

If you’re an entrepreneur, don’t miss this episode of Pass It On!  

Dan Sibears is a lawyer and mentor.  He shares his insights on the 6 characteristics every successful entrepreneur must have! 

If you’re looking for support with the “back-end” of your business, is a nationwide, volunteer-run organization that is funded, in part, by the U.S. Small Business Association.

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Beth George

A lawyer walks into a bagel shop…Just kidding. This story is even better!

Beth George, the founder of BYOB Bagels (and a lawyer), operates the only international bagel consulting company.

Who knew that was even a thing!

Beth shares how her son’s struggles in school prompted her to start her own business and how she learned to GIVE first during 2020 which led to wild business growth.

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Heidi Sutton

Pass It On! with Talent Acquisition Pro, Heidi Sutton

Heidi has honed her TA expertise during her 10-year career as a TA partner. She shares her perspective on the real work of entrepreneurship and the importance of a positive mindset.

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Susan Forman

Pass It On! with Susan Forman, Owner of Excelon Associates

Excelon Associates is an executive search and recruitment firm. Susan and her team have built trusted partnerships with her clients for over ten years.

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