Great Hires                        without the hassle

Recruiting services and solutions tailored for your unique business.

You’re a Movement Maker. Big Dreamer. Visionary. 

Your tenacity, resilience, and purpose has propelled you to success.  You’ve juggled the demands of growth and change.  And, you’ve enjoyed the rewards.  But, you’re not ready to drive into the sunset yet.  There’s still more to do.

Now it’s time to upskill or expand your operations team.

Looking for Rockstars

You want someone who will bring their brilliance to your mission.

Cut and paste recruitment strategies don’t work when you need someone special.  And, you want to get it right the first time.  No more “but they sounded so good, what happened?” thoughts running through your head.

Whether you are seeking an integrator or leader or chief doer, you’ll need a plan.

The plan starts by connecting your mission to what people already want and explore what’s possible.   And, by sharing your mission directly to those who are best suited to join you, we help support your continued growth.

We’ve Got Your Back

We align our search with your core values and tap into the talent market using speed and momentum as our guides. 

You also get the transparency you want and the accountability you deserve every step of the way.

By providing a clear path, we help you have confidence in your decisions.  And, keep your peace of mind throughout the process.


Why are we different?

Master Your Message 

You offer an unrivaled value to your clients and customers.

And, you need to let the world know that you’ve created something special.

Your business deserves a talent strategy that’s equally unique, something that’s distinctive in the market.

We Don’t Believe That One Size Fits All

Don’t go unnoticed by the people you want to hire.

Using time-tested principles, Spectacle Talent Partners supports your talent strategy by creating a curated message and candidate-centric hiring processes that appeal to top performers.



Capabilities include:

  • Talent Acquisition Consulting
  • Executive and Operations Recruitment
  • Signature Hiring Events

Signature Hiring Events

And, We Continue to Deliver

Signature Hiring Events

Showcase your difference in the market with signature hiring events.

Hiring events are a rich resource for creating brand ambassadors, expanding your brand reach, and building up your talent pipeline.

These events have a lasting impact on your ability to target top talent quickly, improve retention rates, and create a measurable return on investment.

Not Your Typical Event

“What’s it like to work there?”

A signature hiring event allows you to answer questions in real time by providing structured interviews and conversations with team members.

Avoid hiring delays.  Be confident of hiring decisions with pre-screened candidate interviews.

We help you stand out from the crowd with signature hiring events — no folding tables required.

It’s Simple.

At Spectacle Talent Partners, hiring is our focus.

Whether you need to hire 1 person or dozens of people, Spectacle Talent Partners was founded to help mission-focused entrepreneurs and small businesses hire teams that change the world for the better.

Our recruiting focus is translating your mission into a message that sets YOU apart from the crowd and connects with the people that are best suited to join you…

You might say we create a bit of a spectacle.