Great Hires                        Without the Hassle

Modern recruitment strategies so you can make a great hire, faster.

You’re a Movement Maker. Big Dreamer. Visionary. 

Your tenacity, resilience, and purpose has propelled you to success.  You’ve juggled the demands of growth and change.  And, you’ve enjoyed the rewards.  But, you’re not ready to drive into the sunset yet.  There’s still more to do.

Now it’s time to upskill or expand your team.

Looking for your next great hire

You want someone who will bring their brilliance to your mission.

Cut and paste recruitment strategies don’t work when you need someone special.  And, you want to get it right the first time.  

Whether you are seeking an HR leader or marketing strategiest, you’ll need a plan.

We start by matching your mission with a message that people are already want to hear.   By sharing your mission directly to those who are best suited to join you, we help you make a great hire, faster.

We take the guesswork out of hiring

We align our search with your core values and tap into the talent market using speed and momentum as our guides. 

You get the transparency you want and the accountability you deserve every step of the way.

By creating clarity throughout the recruitment process, you’re guaranteed peace of mind and confidence in the end result. 

We create durable client and candidate relationships by devoting our energy to the craft of talent acquisition and the singular goal of making every interaction memorable .


Why should you work with us?

One Size Does Not Fit All

Don’t go unnoticed by the people you want to hire.

Using time-tested principles, we create a talent attraction strategy with a curated message as unique as your business. 

The result?  A candidate-centric hiring process that appeals to top performers so you get noticed by the people you want to hire.



We Specialize In:

  • Talent Acquisition Consulting
  • Full-Cycle Recuitment

What People Are Saying:

Dylan D. Recruiter

Working with Susan from Spectacle Talent Partners has been absolutely crucial in our company’s recruiting efforts. Susan was very accommodating and responsive during the entire process. While collaborating with Susan on our current and future hiring goals, it felt like she became a part of the team. This trusting relationship allowed for us to work together effectively, which has directly resulted in a qualified and valued workforce. Thank you for all the hard work and assistance!

Hasanna, CEO

Thanks so much Susan! This was a key role for us to fill and I have no regrets about investing in the use of a professional to do it.  It was my first time going through this experience so thank you for your patience.  Your support was invaluable.

Samantha T., Owner

Thank you!!!!! because of you we have now hired four dream employees. Amazing!

Shaneka, Owner and Principal Counsel

Spectacle Talent Partners helped me effortlessly find the right employee for my growing business. The team at Spectacle handled the recruiting and interview process start to finish and allowed me to focus on growing my business. I’d highly recommend them to other business owners who need a talent recruiting partner.”

Claudia, EVP, Human Resources

Sue is driven to achieve results for her clients, she is a strong collaborator and really spends the time to get to know the business… She was an amazing advocate and representative of the Company brand and did a great job telling the Company’s story in a compelling way.

Eric, Chief HR Officer

I found Sue to be an incredibly authentic leader and someone who put others first… I recommend Sue highly for all leadership roles and she is truly a deep subject matter expert in the space of full cycle talent acquisition.

Dave, Principal Consultant

Sue is someone I trust. She is a genuine pleasure to work with…and hands-down the best talent partner I’ve ever encountered. Engaging, capable, accountable, and committed.

It’s Simple.

At Spectacle Talent Partners, hiring is our focus.

Spectacle Talent Partners was founded to help mission-focused  businesses make great hires all while changing the world for the better. 

Our focus is supporting your hiring goals. 

And, we use our experience to set YOU apart from the crowd…

You might say we create a bit of a spectacle.