We Make Hiring Simple

We work with mission-focused entrepreneurs who are building teams and changing the world together.

We Recruit For You

Sometimes, the best way to hire top performers is to work with specialists who will take care of it all for you.

If you’re reluctant to spend time and energy searching the people, your people, to join your mission, you can use ours.

It’s About Connections

We know that recruiting isn’t just about how many people respond to a job ad or the latest technology.  It’s about connecting your mission to what people already want and exploring what’s possible.  We tell your story directly to those who are best suited to join you and support all the ways you are continuing to grow.

 We’ve Got Your Back

We tap into the talent market using speed and momentum as our guides.

We align our search with your core values and provide the transparency you want and accountability you deserve every step of the way.

And, When You Want More…We Deliver

Master Your Message with a Unique Talent Attraction Strategy

You offer an unrivaled value to your clients and customers.

And, you need to let the world know that you’ve created something special.

Your business deserves a talent attraction strategy that’s equally unique, something that’s distinctive in the market.

We Don’t Believe That One Size Fits All

Don’t go unnoticed by the people you want to hire.

Using time-tested principles, Spectacle Talent Partners supports your talent attraction strategy by creating a curated message and candidate-centric hiring processes that appeals to top performers.

Your brand message is your calling card.  We help you create an              on-target message that attracts the top performers you need for your team.


Capabilities include:

  • Refine brand alignment (hosted, social, and organic content)
  • Curate a memorable candidate experience
  • Implement contemporary interview methods and strategies

Employee Referral Programs

University Relations

Career Events / Hiring Initatives

And, We Continue to Deliver

Signature Talent Acquisition Programs

Talent acquisition programs can be a rich resource for creating brand ambassadors, expanding your brand reach, and building up your talent pipeline.

Once created, these programs can have a lasting impact on your ability to target top talent quickly, improve retention rates, and create a measurable return on investment.

Not Your Typical  Program

We help you stand out from the crowd with specialized hiring events and engaging referral programs.

These aren’t your average programs so major effort that yields only minor results becomes a thing of the past.

It’s Simple.

At Spectacle Talent Partners, hiring is our focus.

Whether you need to hire 1 person or dozens of people, Spectacle Talent Partners was founded to help mission-focused entrepreneurs hire and build teams that change the world for the better.  

Our recruiting focus is translating your mission into a message that sets YOU apart from the crowd and connects with the people that are best suited to join you…

You might say we create a bit of a spectacle.