How to be a Good Giver on LinkedIn (Part 2)

Did you create your 31 Things List? Your 31 Things List is a simple strategy (from the last newsletter) that you can use to eliminate the idea that you have nothing to say on LinkedIn and create in it’s a place a thought leadership strategy. Pump the brakes, Sue If you’re like me and don’t […]

How to be a Good Giver

I’ve been playing holiday instrumental music while writing. I’ve watched 2 Christmas movies.  What I really love about the holidays though is that they are all about giving. Even on LinkedIn™. If it’s true that it’s better to give than receive, why do so many leaders avoid giving? I admit it, I was a lurker […]

How to Make Getting Hired Easier

Even if you’ve been at it for a while. Getting hired in 2023 is hard. I typed out that sentence and stared at it.  And then I did something that I’ve been doing since I was a little girl. No, not staring at a computer screen. I asked myself why. Asking Why is a big part of who […]

How to Avoid Regret after Accepting an Offer

“If I had taken longer to think about what I wanted to do, I wouldn’t have taken that job”. When she said it, I felt it.It was an emotional gut punch.BecauseWhen you decide to resign in the first 6 months from a position that you were so excited about, you can’t help but think about […]

How to Have a Killer Resume

That answers the only question readers are asking themselves I have a confession.I’ve never been a fan of one-size-fits-all…With the exception of the poncho that I permanently borrowed from our daughter. Since ponchos are blankets with a hole in the center, the honest answer to, “Does this look good, honey?” is “Well, it doesn’t look bad”. Because […]

How to Follow up after an Interview

(without feeling like a pain in the neck) Of course, you should follow up, but HOW? Should you follow up with a recruiter or decision-maker after your interview? Yes. So says everyone with a heartbeat. …Your friend …Your old boss (your previous boss, I’m not saying your boss is old) …Your HR friend …Your I-read-it-online […]

How to Bust Out of the Candidate Pack

Recruiting is a numbers game. I’ve heard this many times from all sorts of people during my 2 decades in recruiting. People say it confidently. It’s a matter-of-fact statement. And, others repeat it. When something is a given, we don’t waste our valuable time and attention questioning it. But maybe we should. What’s inside: What […]

How To Get More Interviews in 30 Days

(without rewriting your resume, changing your LI profile, or spending hours searching for jobs) If I say, “networking” What comes to mind?  “I already did” “I am” “I tried”  “I’m tired” – usually that comes after the trying.  If I say, circles of networking You may think: The 9 circles of H-E-double- …. …Wait, no, […]