How to be a Good Giver on LinkedIn (Part 2)

Did you create your 31 Things List? Your 31 Things List is a simple strategy (from the last newsletter) that you can use to eliminate the idea that you have nothing to say on LinkedIn and create in it’s a place a thought leadership strategy. Pump the brakes, Sue If you’re like me and don’t […]

How to be a Good Giver

I’ve been playing holiday instrumental music while writing. I’ve watched 2 Christmas movies.  What I really love about the holidays though is that they are all about giving. Even on LinkedIn™. If it’s true that it’s better to give than receive, why do so many leaders avoid giving? I admit it, I was a lurker […]

How to Make Getting Hired Easier

Even if you’ve been at it for a while. Getting hired in 2023 is hard. I typed out that sentence and stared at it.  And then I did something that I’ve been doing since I was a little girl. No, not staring at a computer screen. I asked myself why. Asking Why is a big part of who […]

How to Avoid Regret after Accepting an Offer

“If I had taken longer to think about what I wanted to do, I wouldn’t have taken that job”. When she said it, I felt it.It was an emotional gut punch.BecauseWhen you decide to resign in the first 6 months from a position that you were so excited about, you can’t help but think about […]

How to Have a Killer Resume

That answers the only question readers are asking themselves I have a confession.I’ve never been a fan of one-size-fits-all…With the exception of the poncho that I permanently borrowed from our daughter. Since ponchos are blankets with a hole in the center, the honest answer to, “Does this look good, honey?” is “Well, it doesn’t look bad”. Because […]

How to Follow up after an Interview

(without feeling like a pain in the neck) Of course, you should follow up, but HOW? Should you follow up with a recruiter or decision-maker after your interview? Yes. So says everyone with a heartbeat. …Your friend …Your old boss (your previous boss, I’m not saying your boss is old) …Your HR friend …Your I-read-it-online […]

How to Bust Out of the Candidate Pack

Recruiting is a numbers game. I’ve heard this many times from all sorts of people during my 2 decades in recruiting. People say it confidently. It’s a matter-of-fact statement. And, others repeat it. When something is a given, we don’t waste our valuable time and attention questioning it. But maybe we should. What’s inside: What […]

How To Get More Interviews in 30 Days

(without rewriting your resume, changing your LI profile, or spending hours searching for jobs) If I say, “networking” What comes to mind?  “I already did” “I am” “I tried”  “I’m tired” – usually that comes after the trying.  If I say, circles of networking You may think: The 9 circles of H-E-double- …. …Wait, no, […]

The Goldilocks Problem With Job Posts

Was Goldilocks onto something when she tried three different chairs, three separate bowls of porridge, and three distinct beds to find the one that was“just right? I’ve discovered in my conversations with decision-makers that they often share a very real concern with our fairytale protagonist. When faced with candidate selection, we want to hire someone […]

Recruiting Is the Best Reality TV That’s Not On TV

I’m guessing that your reality TV time has crept up a bit…or, a lot. And, while I’m still waiting for Bravo to come out with a reality TV show about talent acquisition, I have enjoyed watching some reality TV shows that made me think of all the amazing TA professionals I know. In the world […]