About Us

Spectacle Talent Partners: Funny Name, Serious Results

Spectacle Talent Partners (STP) offers broad experience and a genuine belief that a talent acquisition team is an indispensable business partner. A talent acquisition team can elevate the brand and talent of a company by building engaged talent pools, sustaining stakeholder support, and promoting organizational differentiators. 

Companies can struggle to find quality (skilled and culturally aligned) talent. And, sometimes they turn to expensive third parties or purchase the newest technology in search of the perfect solution. Spectacle Talent Partners can help you find the right solutions for your business.

Susan Gygax

About Susan

Susan, the Founder of STP,  has led large, dispersed talent acquisition teams at fast-paced entrepreneurial and multi-national companies. She understands that talent acquisition teams want to provide memorable candidate experiences, build durable relationships, and provide robust analytics,  but budgets, workloads, and time constraints can prevent them from making improvements.

Susan is experienced in helping companies understand their existing structure, and address gaps in systems, processes, or talent programs.  She is skilled in bringing together current trends and practical innovations and customizing them to benefit a company’s current structure. 

Working with Clients

By working with clients to deliver flexible, practical solutions and empowering the recruiting team to grow and thrive from within, Susan helps companies achieve results that set them apart from the crowd.  Maybe even creating a bit of a spectacle. 

  •  Entrepreneurs
  • Multi-national enterprises
  • Fast-growing, energetic companies
  • Policy and process creation
  • Multiple business lines
  • Large, dispersed teams
  • Tools for data and metrics
  • High-Volume hiring initiatives


Susan has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and has maintained her Professional Human Resources (PHR) certification for over 15 years.  She also has a certification in 360 coaching and transformation.

Susan, a native of New England, currently lives in Maryland with her husband, two children, and their senior dog, Dakota.  She likes cooking and baking almost as much as eating out.  Susan enjoys traveling and exploring new places, though New York City remains a favorite destination.  She also appreciates simple pleasures such as checking books out of the local library.